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Brave is original Known as “The Bear and the Bow” its a movie produce by Disney Pixar Animation Studios with the Direction of Mark Andrews is Know for his participation in the movies "The Incredibles , Ratatouille" , And Brenda Champan who is know for be the first women to direct an animated Film "The Pince of Egypt" . Now this creative artists of Pixar bring for the very first time a movie set in old times.
Trailer Brave a movie full of adventure lot of humor, feelings & magic. This history its located in the dark hills of Scotland where the powerful Fergus governated his clan with much Wisdom and good humor he and his wife Elinor has 4 daughters the triplets who are mischievous girls and threir oldest sister beauty princess named Merida who is the principal character of this Movie .

Brave is pure temperament and wants nothing to do with pretty dresses or work of housewife and much less marry , wich is what her parents are looking to do with her but of course she refuses , she wants to sculpted her own destiny away of orders from adults. The principal ideal of Merida its Freedom , riding and arrows hissing and that dosent include marriage so Merida visit a witch to help her to change the destiny her mom wants for her but the little problem its that she never thought thing will change but to a totally disastrous.

 Brave its a Pixar Animation that looks fantastic all the team who make this characters possible, work a lot and some of you know in this kind of jobs making animation or giving life to a characters needs all the dedication , patience and practice or make lot of sacrifices sometimes you have to make to put all the effort to make all this work and as a result a fantastic work. Now after seen some characters of Brave we see that what call or attention is Brave redhead hair the team during three years develop a technique to make it possible and look almost real of course with touchs of carton animation.So here we leave you a little video of the Making Proces of Brave so you can give you an idea the fantastic work and lot of creativite you have to put.

Enjoy this movie =D

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