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Review :Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods/ Dragon Bal Z La Batalla de los Dioses


Poster Oficial Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla de los Dioses"-Diamond Films
Dragon Ball Z The Battle of the Gods marks the return of the familiar , Goku , Vegeta, Krillin , Piccolo , Gohan , Goten , Trunks and company .
Based and the original story by Akira Toriyama , the Director Masahiro Hosoda a Yusuke Watanabe Screenplay , Produced by Kunio Hashimoto of the
Studio Toei Animation , distributed in Mexico by Diamond Films.

Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films
This story will  reminded us , our childhood ,it will  take us back to all the great adventures of Goku .
Some voices in this film are :

Goku Masako NozawaMario Castañeda.
VegetaRyo Horikawa- René García.
PiccoroToshio Furukawa-Carlos Segundo.
Son GohanMasako Nozawa-Luis Alfonso Mendoza.
TrunksTakeshi Kusao-Gabriela Willer
Son GotenMasako Nozawa
BillsKoichi Yamadera-José Luis Orozco.
Wiss(Whis)- Masakazu Morita-Arturo Castañeda.
Kaiosama-Köji YanamiHéctor Lee.
BulmaHiromo TsuruRocío Garcel.
Maestro Roshi-Masaharu Satou-Miguel Ángel Sanromán.

Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films

About the Film :

The story tell us  Bills, the God of Destruction, the character design might remind the  Egyptian Mythology Lord of the Necropolis ... Anubis , .
Bills havehis  elegant and sophisticated asisstant  Wiss (Whis) .The movie is set when  Bills wake up unleashing a major concern of all the  Kaios ( North Kaio ,Supreme Kaio Shin , Old Supreme Kaio Shin
Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films
This god break into the tranquility of all, and he is   just looking for a rival, with whom he dreamed , this is the " Super Saiyayin God " .
Large and powerful , battles, a great power revealed , surprising sequences using CGI technology (Computer Graphic Imagery ) blending the anime with this new  techniques all that is what comes with  "Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods" .

No matter if you're a follower of the series, you can see it , as the film presents images at specific times of the original series in a way which will make you understand the characters, we can say that fits well after the Buu saga but before Dragon Ball GT . We must emphasize that the we will see the  Great Prince of the Saiyayin  in a unthinkable way  .
Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films

About Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball as such does not need a presentation, was the leading comic for 10 years after the series began in the "Weekly Shonen Jump" in 1984. Keeping rating levels of  20% for over 11 years, with 17 film versions have such great popularity after  17 years  since the "End" of the series, but this in fact does not know a real ending .Dragon Ball has a a popular card game called "Dragon Ball Heroes"  and continues to be very popular among children and adults. In 2009 it  was broadcasted  "Dragon Ball Z Kai" using innovative digital techniques, and in 16:9 in  HD format.

Dragon Ball is broadcast in 24 countries, the comics are published in more than 24 countries, single-volume books and anthologies have exceeded 230 million in sales worldwide, transcending generations and causing an unparalleled feeling in  people .
Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films

Interesting Facts of the film.

  • Dragon Ball returns after 17 years the Original Saga ended and four years after it was released Dragon Ball Z Kai.
  • Dragon Ball Z " The Battle of the Gods " features special guests including Kaori Matsumoto ( Japanese Judoka ) Shoko Nakagawa ( Actress , Singer ) both are fans of Dragon Ball and are very important in Japan .
  • Akira Toriyama , creator of Dragon Ball Original Artwork , was heavily involved in this issue , both on the creative and production .
  • The intro song "Cha -La- Head- Cha -La" is interpreted by the Japanese band "Flow " .
  • The Japanese group "Flow" have always been fans of Dragon Ball,they  commenedt that they  sang the song karaoke, but never imagined that fieran to sing officially.
  • Among other songs  from  group "Flow" made for  anime  are Go! Naruto intro and " Days" the theme of " Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven" .
  • Dragon Ball began his broadcast on Wednesday, February 26, 1986 ending on Wednesday April 19, 1989 . With 153 episodes .
  • The highest audience chapter was the episode 47 with 29.5% .
  • Dragon Ball Z began on April 26, 1989 and ended on January 31, 1996 , with 291 full episodes and 2 especials. The episod that  was the most watched was episode 218.
  • Dragon Ball GT began broadcasting on February 7, 1996 and ended on November 19, 1997 with 64 episodes and an extra one.
  • To culminate its 20th anniversary, it was released Dragon Ball Z Kai , the April 5, 2009 until March 27, 2011 with 97 episodes .
  • Dragon Ball Z video game broke records with 23 million copies.
  • Dragon Ball, counted with 42 volumes of comics.
  • Dragon Ball Z "The Battle  of the Gods" is the first film in IMAX format   in Japanese history.
Dragon Ball Z " La Batalla  de los Dioses"-Diamond Films
No doubt the movie Dragon Ball Z The Battle of the Gods, will  totally  entertain  you,it comes  with  the humorous touch characteristic of the series, has that familiar feeling, a story of achievement, value, and of heroism,it will transport you to your childhood. Dont miss it in theaters from Friday September 27 and launch superrrrrrr!! KA-MEHA_ME_HAAAAA.

Here You can See The Trailer in HD

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