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Review : 2 Guns

 2 Guns

2 Guns / Zimma Entertaiment
It's a action-comedy film  Directed by Baltasar Kormákur, and is based on the novel graphics from Boom! Studios that have the same name.The screenwriter was Blake Masters, and the author of the novel is Steve Grant, producers are  Marc Platt, Randalll Emmet, Norton Herrick, Adam Siege. A film by Emmett/Furla Films , Marc Platt Productions and Boom! Studios, Distributed by Universal Pictures, and in Mexico by Zima Entertaiment.

The cast of this film is formed by: Denzel Washington (Robert Trench), Mark Wahlberg (Marucs Stigman), Paula Patton (Deb Rees), Bill Paxton (Earl), Edward James Olmos (Papi Greco)

The story tells  about 2 DEA agents who for the last 12 months  have been quite not  happy to work together.

2 Guns / Zimma Entertaiment
We are talking about Robert "Bobby" Trench and the Officer of Naval Intelligence, "Stig" Stigman, these are also accommodates working? biertom in a narcotics operation, both desconfian one another, to the criminals who must arrest.Then an unexpected spin  of events happend   when attempting to infiltrate a Mexican cartel, atheir superiors want them  , dead  , this would lead them to several situations of action and comical as the trailer previously showed us.

2 Guns / Zimma Entertaiment

Curious facts

* BOOM! Studios public the first number of the miniseries in 2008.

* The movie is full of many circusntaces, sometimes amusing and sometimes full with  intensive action, , also triying  to achieve dialogue as previously Quentin Tarantino used .

* To achieve the action scenes are told under the supervision of the Technical Adviser, of the  DEA Richard Woodfork and Technical Adviser of the Navy, Jamie Wakk, thanks to this
the cast and crew learned more about the fight against drugs.

* Mark Wahlberg, commented, that tone of Navy Seal Training, and did much research before and after the film, this in turn serves to your next pelicual brand entitled "Lone Survivor"

* The filming of armed and dangerous was in New Mexico and Louisiana, each in turn worked as Sonora and Texas.

We can conclude that armed and dangerous is a film with a touch of comedy and enough action that fans of this genre should not stop go unnoticed and because the not-so-fans of these films also must see, to be able to have a good time with family and friends.
Will be released this Friday, September 13, it is the in your favorite movies.

You Can See the HD Trailer here:

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