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Review : You´re Next

Tu Eres el Próximo / Diamond Films

Is the latest cinematographic producction from director Adam Wingard in colaboration with screenwriter Simon Barrett. Starring Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Margaret Laney, Amy Seimetz, Ti West and Rob Moran beside acclaimed actress Barbara Crampton (Re-animator, From beyond)

Tells the story about the Davidson, marriage formed by Paul (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) who decide to celebrate their 35th Aniversary at their weekend house, in the middle of the woods, with their grown children and respective partners.
Tu Eres el Próximo / Diamond Films

During the celebration, between jokes and comments, family problems come to light, ofenses, and moral judgements. The discution is interrupted by a assassins group, wearing black clothes an animals masks, adding this to the previous chaos
However, it won't be so easy for the intruders to achive their goal, because one of the guests has a past that has prepared her for a moment like that.

While the common thing on contemporary horror movies are paranormal phenomenon, what this movie offers feels fresh, with the setting work done by producction designer Thomas S. Hammock in an old mansion, and the plot that the murders can ocurre on the safest place for a person, which is home.

Tu Eres el Próximo / Diamond Films

The use of daily instruments as weapons result on a bloodbath that reminds us of gore movies, at the time it puts together moments of cruel humor and the needed jumps on your seat.

The soundtrack from Mads Heldtberg, Jasper Justice Lee and Kyle Mckinnon created the perfect atmosphere for thriller: the usual sounds, some electronic bits accompanying moments, and The Dwight Twilley with “Looking for Magic” turned into a murder song.

Although it shows the influence from movies like “The strangers” and the french film “Inside”, this movie has plot twists that hasn't been used on these films before, besides it has the typical horror efects used in the correct dose. Without a doubt, this Wingard – Barret duo will show a new vision on the domestic assault issue.

Tu Eres el Próximo / Diamond Films

For blood, horror and thrillers fans, “You're next” is on theaters this September 13th.

Here you can see Trailer in HD (subtitles)

Written by  @chikAnacronismo for @AppleHeadInk

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